Monday, September 15, 2014

Wish you.......

Cheers and Godbless Malaysia always !

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Big brother is watching......

The Malaysian Tax Authority or LHDN has been black-listing Malaysians who have not paid their dues or have been evading paying their personal income tax or if they had failed to submit their annual tax return to the government. And this time the G-man has taken it one step further by screening Malaysians who have a penchant to travel on the many cheap tour packages offered at the many travel fair exhibitions.

Imagine you are queuing-up at some exit point and immigration pulls you aside and denies you the right to continue with the rest of the party just because you owe the government a measely RM89.49sens or so ! Isn't that embarrassing ? 

So if you intend to travel anywhere including Sabah or Sarawak please check with the official Income tax office website to see if you are a happy traveller or a sad defaulter. 

Please click on the link below and type in your NRIC without space. It could save you a lot of trouble, time, frustration and most of all embarrassment !

**contributed by my good friend RKKukreja

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Wishing you........

Let's pray for "enlightenment and wisdom" for the Muslims of ISIS in Mosul......and for the victims of MH370 and MH17, especially to the family of my dear friend, Shaikh Mohd. Noor Mahood of MAS.

And to all Malaysians who are travelling, have a safe journey back to your kampungs and return.

God bless all Malaysians. 


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Oh My Elohim !

It was a dark and stormy night, and the July winds were howling through the meranti trees all the way down the valley like a thousand wild horses galloping at neck-breaking speed to a low pressure point.......hmmm....okay lah.... let's start this story in another way. Its my story, I'll write as I please ok ? Here goes.....

I had just gotten off my Nokia phone and mentally made all the devious plans for the evening with a wicked smirk on my face. It must be perfect today. It was a very special day. So we had decided I'd pick her up near her house then head out for a  quick bite and a drink and then to a current Steven Spielberg movie and thereafter for drinkies to a place of her choice.  

So I excitedly got into the shower for my leisure bath, scrubbing myself luxuriously with Johnson & Johnson shower-gel to clean off the day's dust and grime at work site. Dried myself with a fresh new towel from Marks & Spencers and splashed a generous amount of Ralph Lauren aftershave on my chin. Felt real cool and fresh. I was feeling like a winner already !

Stepped out of the bathroom to choose the perfect wear for this very special date this evening. Switched on the television and zoomed into National Geography which incidentally  is also my favourite channel while I dressed. Couldn't decide between a Calvin Klein or Tommy Hilfiger under-wear as always. Opted for the former and then slipped into my slighted faded Levis button-fly straight-cut jeans. Next was choosing a shirt.....this was an easy one as I did not have many to choose from but the Giorgio Armani shirt from last Christmas always looked good on me....hey, heck any shirt looked good on me !    

Ok, so far so good. Now for that final touch of Hugo Boss parfum dab in all the right places and voilĂ ....sweetheart, here I come ! 

As I took the left corner from the huge Carrefour billboard, I saw her standing there in her Donna Karan print sundress. As I drove closer beside her, I noticed she had on the Maybelline lipstick I'd given her the week before for no reason. As she got in the car, I almost died in the sweet smell of her either Revlon or L'Oreal perfume !  She looked like a million.....erh...okay since this is my story,.... she looked like say, 3.8 million ringgits !  

I am still coming to terms trying to back-track and retrace the events of that evening rather clumsily. I remember we had a quick bite but was suddenly decided on at McDonalds or was it KFC or was it even in Starbucks ?? Did we have a Coke or Pepsi  or even Sprite ? The movie is a blur now. I vaguely remember the all famous 20th.Century Fox displayed on the big screen and that's all.....I was out !  

I cannot for the life of me figure how I landed in the hospital bed ! I could have just as easily suggested she come over to my place and I'd cook her favourite Libby's seafood chowder in a can and Maggie mee while we watched some old love story on compact disc, munching on Nestle's KitKat and sipping whiskies on Schweppes ale and wiping her teary eyes with Kleenex !  But no, I wanted it to be different ! 

Now 3 days on with the swelling down a bit, and at home as I type on my  Intel Pentium chip computer, its all coming back to me like a ton of bricks. It was the Israelites who had messed up my life !  I am a Jew-lover by default ! Have I been enjoying it all along ?

Heck......What have I become ? Just look at all those words in  red-bold up there again.....OMG or should it be OME (Oh My Elohim) !.....through-out my entire life I've been wrapped up with products, by-products or vested interests of the Zionist people whom I'm supposed to hate like all Malaysians do, must I too ?  

Jeeesus.....Shalom !  

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Another brick in the wall....

While most would like to laze and roll on the comfortable beds till late on a Sunday morning or wake up to go out shopping, one lady wakes up early, bakes or buys a cake and packs some soft drinks and heads East from the city, to the hills of Janda Baik to an Orang Asli settlement to teach English to a small group of school going kids of various ages.  

I had the privilege to witness her in "action" last Sunday as "teacher" Sabera Shaik, a renowned stage actress and a Puan Sri to boot too, taught English to eager kids and their thirst for knowledge in communication. A language which has been given little prominence by the government of the day and a language that has been forsaken by many in Malaysia due to the empty nationalistic pride portrayed by moronic politicians  on both sides of the divide. 

It was indeed a warm sight to see the many eager hands shooting up to every question teacher Sabera asked of her young charges, most who did not know the answer but attempted anyway as she rewarded them with prizes of English reading books and pens to those who might give the correct answer. 

People like Sabera know the importance of the internationally used English language and her tireless efforts to reach out, educated and equip these real "children-of-the-soil" with the all important tool in communication is highly commendable. 

This genuine vocation to spend precious time with the less fortunate by one so rich and famous sure has my admiration as a person. 
And that is Sabera Shaik.

Read more about this splendid lady here. 
The class of Orang Asal children in attendance, with Sabera's companion Cecilia seated left on a low chair, in white.

Thursday, July 03, 2014

sweet charity....

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”Winston Churchill
Today the social network went on over-drive whacking one man Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor or affectionately known to some as KuNan, the Federal Territories minister of Malaysia, who has decreed that it is a crime to give or accept alms. And to add to his callous threat  he's even beefed-up the closure of all soup kitchens in a 2kilometer radius in the city centre. ( read here and here )

To interpret in his words, all that is taught in religious and moral classes in any institution all this while is so wrong. This is from a man who looks like he's never gone hungry in his entire life. A man who  never know what hunger is as he was born in the lap of "royalty" and opulence. And to utter such unkind words to the children of a lesser God in his holy month of Ramadan. 

But I guess fashionable Bangsar and Lucky Garden in particular, is outside of that 2kilometer "KuNan radius" where numerous "blind beggars" chaperoned by able-bodied persons, strut from table to table in every eatery daily between 9am to 5pm, "selling" tissues. The selling is bullshit but the begging is real as nobody pays one ringgit for a small packet of 5 pieces of 2-ply tissue but readily donate the ringgit purely out of guilt ( for acknowledging their good fortune of not being blind !)  and sympathy. Nothing more, nothing less !   

I must add here, there is a very charitable gentleman in Kampung Baru, who during Ramadan every day without fail serves free and delicious "bubur lambok"(glutinous rice porridge) to hundreds who line-up in sun or rain to collect a packet home. And his "soup-kitchen" is smack within the 2kilometer circle. Will he too be charged for doing charity ??

So wouldn't the PM Najib also be guilty of the same act of giving "alms" to the hundreds of beggars (so-called poor persons) in the form of BR1M or FR1M or what1ever an act of charity but in reality a subtle persuasion to garner votes ?  Can we say Najib is just as guilty as those who give alms to beggars ? 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

In the land of the blind.....

So who is actually running our country today ? Najib ?....don't think so. UMNO ? ....surely not. The King or his Sultans ?.....erhhh....nope, not any of the Sultans for sure. Then who ?   

The answer is, anybody who's got a little bit of Islamic education, is a Muslim and heads a religious department ! Dare I say we ARE an Islamic nation ? I certainly hope not. It is the State religious departments that actually call the shots in this country. These departments are a creation of the state chief ministers and are under the patronage of the sultan of each state. And now they have become bigger then both and are "untouchables". 

I say this because if you look at the affairs in Selangor itself, you'll realise there's a menteri besar who is actually a toothless moron. He has no balls to disband or curb the powers of the state religious department, wherein the courts have recently ordered the state religious department to return the illegal seizure of 300 Bibles back to the Bible Society.  here 

This MAIS or Islamic Department of Selangor can even snub an Order of the High Court and a directive from the chief minister's office. They can ignore the order even if the sultan himself were to tell them so. This MAIS is the highest law in the state and country as everyone is shit scared to offend them, so they must also be the real people running the country then, right ? (here ) and ( here )

And any moron who can summon up a small group of simpletons and register themselves as an NGO or better still an Islamic NGO they too get a shot to run the country. And in some queer  case, even a recent Chinese convert who unashamedly now claims to be a Malay,  can run this country too, all in the name of Islam. Isn't that ironic ? ( here )

Peace be upon them.....sigh ! 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Altered natives !

To start with the headlines should have read "Transgender Men shaved bald after arrest......" ( Transgender-a person appearing or attempting to be a member of the opposite sex, as a transexual or habitual cross-dresser.)...and these 16 plus 1 guys were gainfully employed as wedding planners. Looks like there's no place for these poor transgenders in Malaysia. 

Have you ever seen a transexual mat rempit ? So what can be so wrong as to exercise their right to cross-dress ? After all the report says 17 transgender "women" arrested, so how else were they supposed to be dressed, like men, surely no, right ? And to charge these 16 plus 1 minor RM950 each plus 7 days in jail under the Syariah Criminal Enactment is a gross miscarriage of justice ( see the rest of the story here )

I remember Hitler's Nazis shaved Jewish women bald to humiliate and brand them as out-cast during the Holocaust,and the NS Islamic department is no different today, right ? The department has no issues with the mega corruption in the state but come down hard on these 16 plus 1 minor cross-dressers like they committed mass murder ! Such hypocrisy in the name of religion is best shoved up high in a hole where the sun don't shine.    

But leaving all the rhetoric aside, I would attempt to say this is really a wrapped prejudice against an act of  God. Human Rights is a joke in Malaysia. Those holier then thou "arabised" camel fucking crack-pots in state religious departments pre-occupy themselves with petty issues like pig DNA in chocolates and confiscating bibles and snatching bodies in coffins but are blind to the rampant rape of the national coffers, corrupt dealings of politicians, raping of innocents, drugs and murder in the name of religion !

And these morons think religious rehabilitation is the right way. Wrong, you fools, civics in the education system is the right way, not religion !   

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Of dubious excesses and baggages !

Seems like the most sacred and top priority task of the Selangor Islamic Religious Department or JAIS is trampling into Hindu temples and Christian churches and making mountains out of mole-hills by poking their nose into non-issues and  with impunity too ! Read  here and   here  !

They show no respect to any sacred and religious house of worship, as they carry on with their so-called duties with an air of arrogance and authority. In fact they actually think they have the fucking right to walk into any sacred house of worship as long as it is not a mosque and harass the faithful. Without a doubt all their actions go contrary to the Islamic religion but then, who dares to stop them as they have those buffoons-in-blue to assist and protect them without a question asked.

Do we actually need all these bloody religious watch-dogs to monitor our private lives ? It is so embarrassing to read of the many fuck-ups these uneducated idiots under the pretext of religion, have churned out over this past week alone and for so many years before. Now they crossed that thin line of "tolerance" and respect and actually done the unthinkable by barging into a Hindu temple and stopped a marriage from taking place. They have trampled and  ignored the constitutional rights and the freedom of choice to worship of other religions. Now they have opened the floodgates for condemnation from all and must bear the brunt of anger  from people of other races.   

Don't the government even stop to think why there is no "policing" bodies or religious departments in other faiths ? Because the government is too stupid to think for themselves, I guess ! Because other religions have realised that religion is a personal matter between him/her  and his/her God and if someone in authority asked them to pray or worship in a certain man-made rules and guideline way, they'd tell that someone to shut the fuck up and fuck off ! 

Now if only these same morons from JAIS had the scrotal gumption to go after bribe taking and corrupt government servants and corrupt politicians, then these"Arab aping" mullahs in JAIS and other religious bodies would justify their miserable existence.

Even the villain-most-vile responsible for creating all these dubious "excess baggage" departments is croaking in regret about the monsters he "fathered" !  

Shalom !      

Friday, May 30, 2014

Now serving: Kosher Prostitutes !

Click on the picture for the full story !